Greenway Drive Veterinary Clinic


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At Greenway Drive & Kingscliff Veterinary Clinics believe in serving you, your pet and our community in the Tweed Region. We believe in providing, compassionate and high quality care in a modern, clean environment. We take pride, not only in our wide range of services, but also in our desire to respond to the needs of pets and people. We are a “Practice of Excellence”.

Complete physical exams at Greenway Drive Vets

A “nose to tail” review. Even if you come to us for help for a problem in the back end of your pet, we will start from the front and check everything along the way to make sure all is well.  Our pets can’t talk to us so our job is give thorough examinations. That’s how pets talk to vets!
General medicine

We are great at managing animal health. We keep our pharmacy well stocked so we can treat our patients quickly. We are ready to deal with relatively minor ailments (allergies to arthritis) and emergency situations. We always have antiserum for tick paralysis and snake bites for all local types of snakes.

Surgery at Greenway Drive Vets

All desexing/sterilisation surgeries are performed routinely Monday-Friday. Numerous surgeries are performed at our hospitals including: lump removals, biopies for diagnosis, repair of lacerations, repair of broken bones, cruciate ligament repairs, patella reconstructions, entropion(eye lid reconstructions), just to name a few.  We routinely use an specialist surgeon to deliver optimum results for your pet.

Your pet will be offered the safest experience available at our hospitals. State of the art equipment to measure blood pressure, respiratory levels of CO2, heart rate, continuous ECG monitoring, blood oxygen concentration(Pulse Ox) and constant temperature measurements are used for your pets safety. All patients that require general anesthesia receive intravenous (IV) fluid therapy during their procedure for increased safety management. We do not consider safety or pain management medication to be an option. Every patient recieves comprehensive paint relief. That‚Äôs our standard.¬† That’s what you want for your pet.

Dental care at Greenway Drive Vets

Dental care at Greenway Drive and Kingscliff Veterinary ClinicsPets have teeth too. That means we have to take care of them. We offer general pet dental services including dental surgery. We utilise local nerve blocks and advance pain management protocols to minimise dental proecedure pain.

The first place a vet often examines is the mouth, that should tell us how important oral health is. A routine scale and polish is an important way to keep your pet healthy. We are equipped to do that as well as extractions of damaged and decayed teeth with our high speed state of the art dental equipment.

Radiology at Greenway Drive Vet Clinic

xray facilities at the Greenway Drive Vet ClinicOur high powered x-ray machine allows us to take fantastic radiographs.¬† Digital x-ray processing captures the highest quality images for accurate diagnosis and simple to share with clients and specialists. A picture can be worth a thousand words.¬† Our experienced veterinarians’ interpretations allow us to make critical health care plans for your pet.