House of Hounds


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Purveyors of globally sourced quality and functional dog products with environment in mind. Here at the House, we appreciate super-cool stylin’ on our personage and on our pooches. Maybe it’s the laid-back, sun drenched lifestyle or maybe we just spend too much time riding boards and marveling street art at skate parks – but we don’t take life too seriously. Life is supposed to be fun right? If our cunning canine companions have taught us anything, it’s how to find joy in the simplicity of being with those you love. We’ve been in the whirlwind of fashion, photography & advertising and even styled for the stars but this isn’t just a passion project. We owe it to our four-legged friends and for their unconditional devotion they deserve more than corny grade-school graphics and clip-art-bone patterns! And so do you. We have scoured the globe for what we consider to be the most stellar of labels to bring you and your pooch objects of desire – with environment in mind.