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#1 Cat Enclosure Specialist We build custom cat enclosures for you feline friend People become extremely attached to there pets. Weather its a dog ,bird,cat or ferret, they are all worth providing with a safe secure and comfortable enclosure- a place for them to call home. How many time have you seen someone’s cat or dog hit by a vehicle?? Have you ever been awakened by the snarling , spitting and scraping of some prowling Tom??? Exercise your responsibility and attitude to others by giving your pets the care they deserve. A well trained and cared for pet will appreciate an enclosed environment which will provide and stimulate its instinctive and curious talents. By giving them swings, ladders, tunnels,and ledges to keep them physically fit and mentally alert, makes them the most happy and contented of animals. Give your pet the opportunity to be free to move about its home . Where it can rest and enjoy life outside in a safe, secure and enclosed environment giving YOU peace of mind with a Kitty Kingdom custom cat enclosure Free call and quotes perth 1800 185 000