Funny dogs working in an office

If dogs worked in an office… DogCo

September 18, 2014

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The humanisation of dogs, cats and a lot of other pets is producing a massive trend towards pets being a more integral part of the family. Dogs are now being dressed like children, with designer outfits or even fancy dress costumes, so we have a trend of really becoming “pet parents” and watching our pet babies grow up.

It is becoming more popular for pets to be taken to work on regular or special occasions, and some companies actually have “pet days”, so where could this all lead? Well Total Pets for a bit of fun decided to move this forward and thought about what happened if dogs actually went to work. What jobs would suit certain dog breeds and knowing dogs, they would have some fun. So please have a look at the workers at DogCo…

Staff and events at DogCo

The CEO at DogCoGeneral Manager at DogCoSenior Management at DogCoHead of Finance at DogCo
Secretary at DogCoIntern at DogCoOffice Cool Guy at DogCoThe Office Show-offSeasoned employee at DogCoCompany function at DogCo
After company function at DogCo5:01 PM - Home time at DogCoAt home after a hard day at DogCoFriday night drinks at DogCo
Ladies on Saturday morning after Friday drinks at DogCoTaking a genuine sickieFaking a sickie at DogCoSunday morning no work at DogCo - Yippee!Vacation time at DogCoHave a great day from all at DogCo

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