Top boy and girl cat names

Top Boy and Girl Cat Names in Australia

December 10, 2014


Choosing boy and girl cat names are top of the list if a new addition in the form of kitten has just arrived in your home, so we decided to publish a list of the top 20 boy or girl cat names in 2013. This chosen name is one you will call and repeat thousands of times for your cute furry companion, and it is the very word that your cat will learn to hopefully respond to. Boy and girl cat names often are descriptive and may well reflect your cat’s character and temperament, so make sure you pick a name that both you and your cat will like and enjoy hearing.

Boy and girl cat names have also been inspired by many TV shows, movies, cartoons, comic strips, literature, and of course by celebrities and politicians for their feline family pets.

Some of our favourite well-known celebrities seem to have a passion for weird and wonderful naming conventions for their children, this often spills over to pet names and as in most aspects of life today, there will be an element of the public that is inspired to choose names for their pets based around celebrities or their choices.

Top 20 Australian boy and girl cat names in 2013

Boy cat names Girl cat names
1. Oscar 1. Tiger
2. Max 2. Misty
3. Tiger 3. Coco
4. Sam 4. Chloe
5. Simba 5. Lucy
6. Tigger 6. Missy
7. Smokey 7. Molly
8. Milo 8. Tigger
9. Sooty 9. Smokey
10. Monty 10. Cleo
11. Puss 11. Puss
12. Kitty 12. Kitty
13. Felix 13. Bella
14. Jack 14. Lucky
15. Lucky 15. Ginger
16. Casper 16. Daisy 
17. Charlie 17. Muffin
18. Thomas 18. Jessie
19. Toby 19. Sophie
20. Oliver 20. Fluffy

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The latest sensation that may inspire new boy and girl cat names is the abundance of Internet pet stars and cats that appear in YouTube videos.

10 feline stars that may influence boy & girl cat names

Many things influence the fads of naming children and pets, from celebrities, royalty and now The Internet. Here are the 10 most famous cats in online. You may soon see people naming their cat, names like these.

Maru (born May 24, 2007) is a male Scottish Fold. He has been amusing fans with his YouTube antics for years. As of April 2013, videos with Maru have been viewed over 200 million times.

Grumpy Cat (born April 4, 2012), real name Tardar Sauce, is a female cat and Internet celebrity known for her grumpy facial expression.

Snoopy the Cat is one of the most popular cats in the world especially in China. She is an Exotic Shorthair cat with a lovely master that takes pictures of her every day.

Lil Bub (born June 21, 2011) is an American cat and Internet celebrity known for her “perma-kitten” appearance. She was born with several genetic mutations which accounts for her tongue permanently sticking out.

Colonel Meow first found fame in 2012 and has since gained hundreds of thousands of fans on social networks. When news of the Colonel’s illness spread online, his fans rushed to show their support.

Cooper is a 6 year old American Shorthair cat living in Seattle. Once a week he wears a lightweight digital camera fastened to his collar, which snaps a new photo every 2 minutes.

Nala, an adorable cross-eyed cat from Los Angeles, California, is famous for her amusing antics on Facebook. There’s a whole host of Nala merchandise if you’re a fan.

Scarface is Singapore’s very own gangster cat, which once lived in Marine Parade, has been featured in UK’s Your Cat magazine. He has multiple injuries on his face due to fights with other male cats, hence his name.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat is a rescue kitty that was born on the 4th of July (probably). He has a real moustache that is better than any moustache that has ever walked this planet “Like” him for daily updates and pics.

Street Cat Bob belongs to street musician James Bowen and his loyal ginger Tom cat, Bob, found each other in 2007 when their lives were at a low ebb. Their story is told in the book A Street Cat Named Bob.

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