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Pet supplies for a new puppy or dog

March 9, 2015

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You have made the decision to get a new puppy or dog for your family, and that comes in a form of a crazy tail wagging ball of fun or puppy as we like to call them! We would always recommend looking at getting your new puppy or a dog from a rescue home, this way you may well save a dog from being abandoned or worse. Try searching our pet services directory for RSPCA or pet rescue homes in your area.

What pet supplies do you need for your new puppy or dog? When getting a dog or puppy for the first time, there are certain things every owner will need and some things that you might, but these can vary according to your dog, new puppy or situation.

We have listed supplies we feel every owner must have the day your new addition arrives and a list of optional dog or puppy supplies you may need. Once you have had your new puppy for a few days, we are sure things will fall into place.

New puppy and dog supplies

click here to view new puppy and dog water bowlsdog food bowlsdog leadsDog collars

dog and new puppy food

dog beds

A new puppy or dog should visit your local veterinarian ASAP to check all is OK.

Optional dog and puppy supplies

Dog shelters & kennels (if outside dog or if dog will spend any length of time outdoors)
Dog toys & chewys (recommended for puppies)
Dog treats
Dog brushes & combs
Dog shampoo
Puppy pee pee pads
Dog carriers (for new puppies and small dogs)
Dog clippers (depending on coat type)

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Please note – In Australia it is mandatory for dogs to be microchipped in ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and TAS.

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