Boarding pets - The 5 things you must do

5 Things to do before boarding pets

June 18, 2015

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Boarding pets – tips for pet owners

You just booked your dream trip to Europe. There’s only one problem: you didn’t arrange a ticket for Misty or Tyson, so you will need to find a safe place for your companion to stay while you’re away.

Holidays are just one example of any numbers of reasons why pet owners may have to spend a night away from their trusty companions. There’s also travelling for work, an emergency situation that calls us away from our home, or illness. Regardless of the circumstances, as a responsible pet owner, sending Tyson off to a kennel or boarding facility may be the only option you have.

The growing demand for boarding pets

Pet boarding services have become part of a growing trend and Total Pets has many boarding facilities listed in its Pet Directory Services. If you are a pet owner and need to find a local pet boarding facility, then search our list of pet boarding and kennels or pet minding service providers.

Be prepared before boarding pets

Of course, any pet owner wants to ensure their beloved companion is well taken care of. Boarding facilities normally have terms and conditions, or boarding policies, which you must read and sign before boarding your pet. Before signing on the dotted line, and for your pet’s own safety, make sure to inquire about the following:

  1. Food

Ask the kennel or pet boarding manager what type of food and water your pet will be given during his stay. If your pet has food allergies or is on a special diet, you may want to make arrangements to have your pet given his regular food, or even possibly bring his own bowl from home for him to eat out of.

  1. Pet vaccinations

Most kennels require your pet to be current on his vaccinations, and will even verify your pet’s vaccination history. Some kennels have been known to vaccinate your pet if your pet hasn’t received his necessary shots. Check and see what your potential boarding facility’s vaccination requirements are.

  1. Medications

Does your pet take medication? If so, ask if your boarding facility provides your pet’s specific medicine or whether you should bring your own supply. Most importantly, ask if they can accommodate your pet’s medication schedule, and if they charge an extra fee for the service.

  1. Veterinary services

Find out if your boarding facility retains a veterinarian on staff (or on-call) should your pet require veterinary services. Ask if they accept pet insurance, since you are the one financially responsible for any emergency medical services received while your pet is in their care.

Your pet’s safety is crucial, but so is their comfort. Some pets go through separation anxiety when they’re away from their owners; therefore, you might want to consider bringing along Misty’s or Tyson’s favourite toy, blanket or bed so she is more at ease and has some sense of familiarity within her new surroundings.

  1. Check for boarding credentials

Remember: It’s important that when boarding pets, you let the facility personnel know what your pet’s needs and habits are; the suggestions below are just to start a conversation. Different pets have different needs, so make sure to ask plenty of questions. After all, who knows your pet better than you?

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