Automatic cat litter boxes

Are automatic litter boxes worth the price?

April 9, 2017

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One of the most important things that is worrying a lot of people who love to have cats as a pet, is how they will dispose of the cat litter. Nowadays, there are automatic litter boxes available that will help in easily getting rid of the cat litter without you coming into contact with cat pooh. These litter boxes are a very good choice for cat owners who do not have much time to clean litter boxes.

How an automatic litter box functions?

The automatic litter boxes that you find in the market today have a rake in it that will move through and across the cat litter and will sift out and remove the waste from the box. This is collected in some type of receptacle at the other end of the box. The receptacle will automatically close once the litter is moved into it and this will prevent any bad odours from the waste to fill the room. The box will also have a sensor in it that will be activated once the cat enters the litter box and leaves it. This will set the timer that makes the rake to move and clear the cat mess after a certain period of time. You need not have the fear that your pet cat might get injured using the litter box as the rake will not move when the cat is inside the litter box.

Choosing the right automatic litter box

It is highly important for you to read the instructions and the manual of the litter boxes that you wish to buy for your cat to see if it is suitable for your cat. You should never use a product without going through the manual. There are certain automatic litter boxes that would require specific types of litter like clumping litter or crystals. You should go for the right type of litter that is suited for your automatic litter box to get maximum results and for the unit to function properly.

Benefits of  automatic litter boxes


  • The burden of taking the cat outside for a walk to do its business is not required with an automatic litter box. There is no need to carry any scooper and follow behind the cat.
  • You can save a lot of your precious time and money with this product.
  • The litter box will always remain clean and there will be no odour that will be filling the room in which it is placed. The waste gets collected in a bag.
  • The unit needs very less maintenance, and cats love to use it as it offers them privacy.

The automatic litter box is one of the most useful products that you need to use at home, especially if you do not have time to clean up cat litter all the time. What was seen as a gimmick product earlier when it was launched is now seen as the best product for every cat owner as it saves them a lot of their time and money.

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