Advice for new dog owners - What you need to know

Advice for new dog owners – What you need to know

August 10, 2017

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Your duties & responsibilities towards your new dog 

A dog gives you tons of selfless love in his life. If you follow this advice for new dog owners, your dog will be happy, healthy and a great companion. Your dog counts on you for his basic needs such as shelter, food, companionship and vet care etc. This article is a reminder of dog care essentials which a new dog owner should always follow.

Ensure external identification

It is very important to ensure your dog can be identified with a tag and a collar. This is your first duty to make sure that your pet doesn’t get lost. If there is an ID tag on your dog, the chances are much higher that you will find your dog, if lost.

You must also get your dog micro-chipped. This chip ensures that your dog will not be lost even if its collar is removed. A microchip can be implanted in your dog painlessly, that will contain all the information about your dog and allow him to be returned to you as quickly as possible.

Follow local dog registration laws

It is your responsibility to get all the information about the legal requirements in your state for pet/dog ownership and make sure you abide by those laws (there are many links online to these). Also make sure you understand the details about vaccinations and comply with these. This is to help protect you and other dog owners.

Spay/neuter your dog

Spaying or neutering your dog will make him/her well behaved. The dog will also enjoy a longer and healthier life. It is important to get the information about the right age of neutering a dog. Spaying or neutering also helps in controlling pet and dog over-population.

Take your dog to routine vet check-ups

Being a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to take your dog to routine veterinary check-ups. If you do not know a good vet in your area, search Total Pets Pet Directory to find a local vet. You may well have friends who already own a pet and can advise about a good local vet.

Provide your dog with a balanced diet

Advice for new dog owners on feeding your dog should always be sort from your vet, this does vary greatly with age, breeds and size of dog. You should also take care of whether the dog is eating the correct foods and properly or not. When the dog is not well, his diet should be modified accordingly according to the suggestion of the vet. Provide your dog with fresh water only.

Train your dog

It is good if you can train him by yourself. Training has lots of benefits and makes your dog well behaved and confident. You can also provide your dog with professional training if required and we recommend you join local classes where advice for new dog owners will be forthcoming and you can meet other local dog owners, possibly making some great  new “doggy friends”.

Proper exercise is must

Every breed of dog has different exercise requirements. You can consult your vet for exercise needs of your dog. Walking or playing with your dog is okay but a lot of dogs require more exercise. Playing with your dog also strengthens your bond with him or her.

Total Pets through it Pet Directory has a list of pet friendly parks and beaches.

Take care of his grooming and hygiene

It is your responsibility to keep your dog in a well groomed condition. Regular cleaning of teeth and ears, bathing, nail cutting are important to ensure proper hygiene of your dog. A well groomed dog is less likely to get infected or suffer from diseases and it is your duty to make sure you keep him clean, tidy and safe.

Provide him companionship

You are his new family when he comes to your home. It is your duty to make sure that your dog enjoys good companionship and is well treated. He will respond by being a great and loyal companion for many years to come.

Further reading and advice for new dog owners

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