Cats and Diabetes


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The story started with a very handsome Burmese boy called 2Pac. 2Pac was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2006 at the tender age of thirteen. was born out of my own long and difficult journey learning to navigate the myriad complexities of life with a cat with diabetes mellitus. My sugarbaby, my inspiration.

I’d never heard of diabetes in cats before, and I didn’t have any support beyond my vet’s very expensive advice. Back then there just wasn’t that much information available to diabetic cat owners. Now it is a different story! Over the years I learned to regularly test my cat’s blood glucose levels, check his urine for ketones, and find new and exciting dietary options for him so that he could enjoy his low carb diet.

I have brought together much of what I have learned over the years and present it to you in the one location. We have veterinary professionals who have written informative articles to help you understand, monitor and care for your diabetic cat. We also have free tools you can download. And, in our online store we hope that you will find everything you need to make managing your cat’s diabetes stress-free.

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