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K9 Logistics main focus is helping people who have problem pooches. Helping them to understand why there dogs do what they do and giving them the tools and knowledge to have a better relationship with their dog.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. They become part of your family and spend a great many years with you. How you choose to spend those years depends on you and what direction you take with your dog.

A well trained balanced dog is a happy one and you will have bond based on mutual respect. The dog will share your home and life for many years and I am sure you would like those years to be full of joy and happiness.

For some people however this is not the case and that is where K9 Logistics can help. We can come to you and discuss the issues you are having with you dog. It may simply be a matter of letting you know how a dog thinks, why they do what they do and give you a few simple guidelines to follow. For some dogs this may be all you will need.

Dog need boundaries, rules and limitations. They need somebody to show them what is acceptable in their daily lives. They need somebody to look up to, to be a leader for them. As children we learn the rules so we can go up to be good citizens. Dogs are no different, they need them too so they can be good canine citizens.

So if you having a bit of a hard time with you beloved companion and need a bit of guidance don’t hesitate to contact us at K9 Logistics.

K9 Logistics Services

Board & Train

Currently offering in home board and train. This can be a very good option if you’re going on holiday and your dog needs a little bit of guidance. The dog will live with me for the time you are away. Training is done at every opportunity throughout the day. The dog will sleep inside at night and will be walked daily. Your dog does need to be relatively dog social as he/she will be living with my dog. You provide all the food and bedding for your dog so he/she will have familiar scents around them and also no tummy upsets from change of food.

Places for this are very limited so get in quick.

Private Consult

This is done in your home. I will sit down with you and chat about the problems you are having with your dog. Often a simple routine and some basic obedience can do more than you realise. Dog owners don’t often know how or what to do so this is where K9 Logistics comes in. We can show you what to do and how to do it and explain why it is beneficial to both you and your dog.

Puppy Prep

Buying a new puppy can be easy but raising it to be a well balanced canine can be hard. A dog is shaped early in the younger years. Mistakes here can have quite a rippling effect for later on. People look at puppies as cute, and of that there is no doubt, but they do grow up. What is cute when they are young can become no so cute or even down right dangerous when they are an adult. It is very important to not only select the correct dog for your life style but also to make preparations before bringing one home. Then there are puppy classes, socialisation not just with dogs but the environment in general and also basic obedience. K9 Logistics can sit down with you help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.