Vet Nurse Pet Care – Joondalup


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When you go on holiday do you spend your time worry about how happy your pet is in a boarding kennel? Are you tired of spending ages waiting in a vet clinic and paying vet rates just for a quick and simple check? At Vet Nurse Pet Care I offer a convenient, in your home pet care for the northern suburbs of Perth.

Putting your beloved pets into boarding kennels, not being able to be home with them after surgery, having difficulty medicating them, having leave them home alone hours at a time or even being unable to keep up with their regular basic grooming can be stressful and detrimental to the health of you and for them. At Vet Nurse Pet Care I offer a convenient, alternative, in your home pet care service. I have qualifications in companion animal services and in veterinary nursing as well as over 5 years experience in the animal care industry.

I am happy to look after any pets regardless of whether they are, furry, fluffy, feathery or scaly. While I am working and caring for your pets I will treat them as my own and give them the love, care and attention they deserve.

A bit more about me

I have a certificate 3 in companion animal services and a certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. During my employment and work experience i have had the pleasure of handling a large range of animals including: mice, rabbits, lizards, birds (pelican, owl, magpies), turtles, cats, pigs, chickens, dogs (large & small), kangaroos, sheep, goats & alpaca.

the tasks I have preformed include: grooming, exercising dogs, cleaning kennels, cleaning cattery, assisting in pre-op and post-op procedures, admitting and discharging animals for boarding, exercising dogs, clean kennels, clean cattery, monitor health, provide food and water, grooming, cleaning enclosures, general cleaning duties.