1710 Caves Road Dunsborough, WA 6281

Clancy's Fish Pub Dunsborough summary:

Nestled amongst the bushland of the glorious South West, overlooking a tranquil lake and soaring gum trees, lies Clancy?s Fish Pub Dunsborough. Featuring all the loveable traits from the Fish Pub family, in the most spectacular of settings, Clancy?s Dunsborough is a must-see. Delicious seafood is scoffed and local beer and wine guzzled by locals and holiday-makers, while the sound of live music drifts through the serene surrounds. From art exhibitions and film festivals, to international touring acts playing to 1000 people, the venue is quickly becoming a cultural oasis for the South West region. Clearly a place for all, with families, surfers, muso?s, artists, tourists, dogs and even the odd emu, the entire family will love the grassy openness of Clancy?s Dunsborough.

  • Address
  • 1710 Caves Road Dunsborough, WA 6281

  • E-mail
  • dunsborough@clancysfishpub.com.au
  • Category
  • Pet Friendly Dining & Accommodation

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