101 Verney Road West Graceville QLD 4075

Dazer Australia summary:

Dazer Australia, stop barking dogs TRAIN your dog – how it works Safe. Silent. Dazer II stops barking dogs – safely and quietly.

Dazer II releases an uncomfortable (but not harmful), high powered sound that dogs can hear, but humans can’t! Dazer II makes a loud sound (115 dba). This sound is not detectable by humans, we simply cannot hear it. A simple 1 to 2 second activation startles the barking dog. The high pitched sound that you cannot hear (inaudible to humans), has a strong repelling effect on barking or menacing dogs. When on your neighbourhood walk, jog or bike ride the Dazer II is lightweight and has a handy metal clip so you can attach it to your belt.

See our website for FAQ’s and videos.

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  • 101 Verney Road West Graceville QLD 4075

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  • 1300 461014
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  • info@dazer.com.au
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  • Pet Training & Obedience

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