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Parrot Life Behaviour and Training summary:

“To help all parrot owners/keepers to communicate with, bond with and care for their birds to the highest possible standard”

Parrot Life Behaviour and Training is owned and operated by Rachel Riley, a parrot behaviourist who has begun a consultancy in Perth after moving here from New Zealand in 2013. It is a consultancy business designed to enhance communication and understanding between birds and their owners/keepers through positive reinforcement training.

Parrot Life Services

Training Services:

  • Corrective Training (for behavioural problems)
  • Foundation Training (for new, young or untrained parrots)
  • Novel (Trick) Behaviours
  • Training for Interactive Experiences (for wildlife parks, zoos & commercial holders)

Care Services:

  • Husbandry, Nutrition & Enrichment Advice
  • Aviary & Enclosure Design
  • Product Sourcing & Recommendations

Please see our website for a more detailed description of the above services.

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