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Perth Dog Training summary:

Does your dog jump up at visitors, pull on the lead, guards its food or toys?

All of these issues and more can be fixed with gentle training methods, please call me to discuss if you have any of these problems with your dog. With the correct training all dogs can become the perfect pet and ideal companion.

I love dogs and it often seems that owners with dogs that have behavioural issues have nowhere to turn to, a normal dog training club is no use as they don’t specialise in behavioural problems. So I decided to specialise in helping owners turn these dogs into perfect companions. I can certainly help owners with all behavioural issues as well as general obedience training. Most behavioural issues are quite common and in fact from the dogs viewpoint, often quite normal.

I believe it is important to understand the underlying causes of dog behaviour that owners wish to correct and I will then develop a plan in order to correct the undesired behaviour.

Perth Dog Training subscribes to the Reward Based training model and utilizes reward ‘markers’ such as a Clicker or other sound. We believe that training should be fun and enjoyable for both the owner and the dog.

Much scientific evidence is emerging that proves that dominance or compulsion based training often produces a dog that does not enjoy training and often becomes fearful of its owner. Using the correct training methods does not involve pain or punishment to get your dog to do what you want. If you love your dog as much as I love mine I am sure you would not want to hurt them in any way.

Ric Calder has undergone studies in Dog Psychology and Training and has an aim of strengthening the bond that exists between owner and dog by gentle positive reinforcement reward based training. He has been handling dogs in the dog care industry for over 10 years.

He is available for private consultations in all areas of dog behaviour and training.

Initial consultation is $30 which is deductible from any of our training packages. In this meet and greet I will explain the training methodology that I use and we can discuss the issues with your dog that you wish to correct. You will get the opportunity to ask questions and you will then be able to make a decision whether you wish to use my services as your pets trainer.

Please feel free to give Ric a call at Perth Dog Training to discuss the behavioural issues with your dog.

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