Create or Edit a Profile for your Pet

Pet Profile petsCreate a “Pet Profile” or “Pet Memory” for your pets, past or present, and it’s really quick and easy. Start by putting yourself in your pet’s shoes (or paws) and think about what they would say or would have said if they had the chance, then add some photos… it’s simple!

Once you’re registered or signed in, you’ll find a form where you can build individual pet profiles by selecting a heading and filling in information about your pet – for example what its favourite food is, and what it likes to do each day, and so on. Not every section will apply to your pet, so simply select the ones that you feel your pet would like to talk about and, most important of all, have some fun with it!

To see how your pet profile could look…

View example of a Pet Profileon

In the “Some more about me…” section you can say anything you like – tell a story, describe a special moment, or write anything else you think your pet would like us to know.