What are Pet Profiles?

Pet Profile pets

It’s all about pets and your love for them!

Pet Profiles are unique to Total Pets and it’s where you can share with the world your wonderful pets. You can have fun creating and editing a special profile for them. That’s right, in Pet Profiles it’s all about them!

With our unique profile builder your pets can have detailed, personal profiles of themselves, tell funny stories, talk about their likes and dislikes, their habits (good and bad), preferences for food, walks, rest, play, even talk about you and so much more… plus they can download photos of themselves to complete the picture (videos are coming soon).

Pet Profiles is for you and your pets to have fun with (view an example Pet Profile), and try to make them as compelling as possible, as profiles can be receive “PATS” from other pet lovers, so you should expect to have a few laughs – sometimes even a tear or two – but we guarantee you’ll always enjoy reading about your own pets as well as everyone else’s.

So get comfy, get your pets, have fun and create a Pet Profiles for them now…

…but remember you can have multiple Pet Profiles in your account, so you can have your “Pet Family” online.

We have just introduced Pet Memories, and you can now post a Profile of a loved pet that has sadly passed. It is the same link as above and you can honour your pet memory, by making them part of your “Pet Family”.

Pet Profiles -How they will appear

An example of one of our pet profiles