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Welcome to our section on pets and animal videos. You will find a wide selection of fun and informative videos about pet care for dogs, cats, horses, small pets and many other different animals. This section of Total Pets is constantly being updated, so please use the search facility to find new content about animals, their care and information about how to best care for your pet.

Puppy Eating an Unbalanced Diet

A puppy eating an unbalanced diet is a very funny video when a puppy tries to eat and keeps leaning forward on his front legs, eventually falling over.

If dogs worked in an office…

The office environment means you meet all types of people in your working life, and dogs are no different, many breeds, many types of personality. If you worked in an office you would meet them all. What role or position would suit your dog?

The Truth About Owls… (Funny)

Here are true facts about Owls. Baby Owls are called Owlets and they look like a cotton ball that grew a face, and legs. Owlets are born without flight feathers. The Owl has large front facing eyes which give it a wide range of binocular vision. Its eyes on nearly immobile in their sockets and therefore it must swivel its head around its neck to see.

A cat's love of licking a vacuum cleaner

This video is of a cats love of licking a vacuum cleaner and playing with the suction. It will bring a smile to your face.

Giraffes can be very graceful

The animation on this is just absolutely astounding! I mean…giraffes that dive in water? Seriously? ADORABLE!

Would you let your dog choose your partner?

Do you trust your dog enough to let them choose your future partner? Animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford and his golden Labrador Bounce came into the BBC Newsroom to talk about a study that says dogs can tell the difference between happy and angry human facial expressions. Dr Mugford says dogs have many channels of communication and that people should trust their dog's judgement when it comes to choosing a new partner.

Dogs as alarm clocks

Dogs make the best alarm clocks, it is hard to snooze one of these or ignore a "dog wake up call". At Total Pets we are happy to hear what you think about being woken by something so furry and friendly.

Kidney Failure in Older Cats

This Pet Tips video from the Manchester West Veterinary Hospital shows us the four stages of kidney failure in older cats. Doctor Mary Stauder shows us how she and the Vets at Manchester West Veterinary Hospital treat kidney failure in older cats.

Pet Profiles – Make Your Pet Famous

Pet Profiles is unique to Total Pets and it’s where you can share with the world your wonderful pets. Have fun creating a special profile for them. Your Pets Profiles can be as detailed as you like. It can tell funny stories, talk about their likes and dislikes, their habits (good and bad) and much more... Post your Pet Profiles today and share them with the world!

Building Australia's Largest Online Pet Community

Total Pets aim is to build Australia's largest online pet community, with everything from pet advice, pet videos, a directory of pet-related services, including pet care, pet supplies, pet training, RSPCA locations, vets and many more.  We also have Pet Profiles, which is unique to Total Pets and it’s where your pet can be seen by the world.